Aminulrasyid-case idiot opens his mouth again

We’re talking about MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker. On May 7, we posted how Ti was complaining that Azamuddin — the passenger in the car driven by Aminulrasyid, and who survived the police chase and shooting — was given coverage by the press. Ti had blogged that allowing the surviving boy to tell … Continue reading

1Cop arrested for Aminul’s murder and no more?

by Eyes Wide open Today’s papers front paged the arrest of a lowly corporal, Jenain Subi, for the killing of young Aminulrasyid. He is being charged for “culpable homicide not amounting to murder”. But in an NST Online article entitled “Witness breaks silence: Cops kept shooting as Aminul lay dead.” dated 04 May 2010, it … Continue reading

MCA shoots itself in foot over Aminulrasyid

By Hartal MSM MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker accuses Malaysian Insider of ‘discrepancies’, ‘slant’ and ‘distortion’. The blog posting wherein the Chinese party’s NGO liaison bureau chief makes his accusation is here. You can check out whether you think Ti’s accusations have any validity. The Insider report is based on Ti’s press statement … Continue reading

What 6km chase?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

You’d have to view this within the context of the police report made by Azamuddin Omar in which it was clearly stated that the police gave chase after Aminulrasyid overtook their vehicle.

The following image will indicate that the ‘chase’ was not 6 km as reported earlier in the various MSMs (here and here) relative to ‘official’ press statements by the bigwigs of the PDRM.