Should APCO Speechwriters Run Our Country?

By Eyes Wide Open APCO seems to be really earning their million-ringgit PR contract. Najib’s speeches are taking on that warm and fuzzy glow. One might almost mistake him for the Malaysian version of Obama if one was not aware of the long list of controversies surrounding him. The Malaysian Insider reported a glowing speech … Continue reading

A PM for all Malaysians or A PM by APCO?

by Eyes Wide Open Since the Government of Malaysia retained the global PR powerhouse APCO (for a reputed contract of RM20million of taxpayer’s money), Najib’s 1Malaysia seems to be getting a shot in the arm. There are no shortages of events lately for the PM & DPM to pour their slogans on their (alleged) crowds-for-hire, … Continue reading

Malaysian government brings in PR firm, will need all the help it can get

(It’s no secret that APCO Worldwide had been appointed by the Najib Administration to upgrade its image and lobby for international acceptance – particularly by the US. But is PR enough to solve Malaysia’s problems? This is an interesting take by an independent observer. Ben Bland is a freelance journalist based in Singapore, reporting for … Continue reading