Think. Be disturbed. Beware.

Pix: 18-year-old Bibi Aisha now lives in America. AMSTERDAM – A South African photographer’s portrait of an Afghan woman whose husband sliced off her nose and ears in a case of Taliban-administered justice won the World Press Photo award for 2010, one of the industry’s most coveted prizes. Jodi Bieber’s posed picture, which contrasts the … Continue reading

PAS people beat up blogger @ T’ganu mosque

Pix courtesy of The Star carried a short story today on blogger ‘Aduka Taruna’ (Khairul Nizam Abdul Ghani) who tried to corner PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang outside the Rusila mosque on Friday. In his police report, Khairul Nizam claimed a man grabbed him from behind and started hitting him when he persisted in … Continue reading

Churches bombed – Where is Utusan?

By Eyes Wide Open It’s finally happened. After all the innuendoes and not-so-subtle threats about terrible retaliation to supposed attacks on Malays by non-Malays, something finally happened. At least 3 churches were attacked, and one of them was completely gutted by fire. Besides the online media, the Chinese MSM were the fastest with the story … Continue reading