Interlok – haiya…mau bising buat apa?

by Eyes Wide Open Why it’s important to remove Interlok from the school syllabus? Simply because it is not a suitable book for present times, given the racial politics being incessantly played out at all levels of Malaysian government and society. In more matured times, perhaps this novel could be read with more open hearts … Continue reading

Interlok – itu ata apa salah, ah?

by Eyes Wide Open HartalMSM has received some comments from people who find nothing wrong about the Interlok book being used as required reading in schools. Their reasoning usually goes along the lines of “The things mentioned in the book really happened among Indians and Chinese immigrants what, so what’s the big deal?” Honestly, I … Continue reading

BTN – Brainwashing The Nation (Part 1)

By Eyes Wide Open “There exists a causal relationship between a free press and democracy. Democratic institutions degenerate into dictatorship in the absence of an independent media.” Abstract from: The role of the independent media in Africa’s change to democracy Long-suffering African nations have long woken up to the fact that for real democracy to … Continue reading