Newspaper insulted religious symbol

For CiF Watch’s media monitoring on Guardian‘s Martin Rowson — the cartoonist who drew the image above insulting the symbol of Judaism — read ‘Why were these deleted?‘ (June 6, 2010) “Deletions galore of pro-Israel comments on the Martin Rowson thread as the Guardian in true Stalinist fashion attempts to suppress the truth.” Doesn’t the Guardian … Continue reading

What sick people!

Pix from 2004: Palestinian youth kicks donkey during Fatah demo. ‘On Oct 12, we posted ‘Here’s one way to tackle Utusan‘ where we referenced a mediawatch blog called CiF Watch set up specifically to monitor the sicko reporting in The Guardian. Quite coincidentally, on Oct 12, a separate media watch site called Just Journalism found … Continue reading

Here’s one way to tackle Utusan

[For story behind the cartoon above, please ref. CIF Watch.] UK’s the Guardian newspaper is anti-Israel, as is its Comment is Free (CIF) online facility for readers. Pro-Israel commentators have been banned from commenting in Guardian’s CIF section for nothing even approaching what the pro-Palestinian commentators are allowed to get away with. We’ve ourselves noticed … Continue reading