Nut Graph had RM2 million-plus to play with

Online news portal The Nut Graph is winding down and moving on to becoming a weekly; read their ‘Plan B‘. NG founder Jacqueline Ann Surin, writing about the dissolution revealed: “At present, as the remaining co-founder in the company, I am no longer able to justify spending up to RM80,000 a month when our income … Continue reading

CIJ making loud demands, and then what?

By Hartal MSM The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and Wami just drafted an online petition — which among other things — demanded by the end of the month for: 1. An explanation by NTV7 and TV2 on the latest incidents of alleged censorship. 2. An unequivocal assurance from the Prime Minister that no one … Continue reading

Editor penyebar fitnah perlu dirotan 80 kali

You can read it at the blogger LanH’s site,