Blogger gets warning from MCMC

Looking at the definition of actionable offenses under the CMA, it would seem that it makes pretty good sense. However, now that certain parties have discovered that the MCMC can be used to go after those who report the truth or to get people for just having an opinion, things get pretty slippery.

Utusan goes for Star’s neck

By Reina Utusan Malaysia and The Star are old friends. The two papers have ganged up against the newspapers in the NSTP stable since the stone ages – swapping stories and photos, making sure NSTP newspapers do not scoop them, etc. But it looks like this rosy relationship is about to change when Utusan published … Continue reading

Hisham’s hoof in mouth disease

By Reina THERE was uproar when the public saw a video clip of Minister Rais Yatim telling off a reporter for not using the national language at the press conference. The clip got circulated and this was probably the first time many saw a minister behaving so rudely. But for journalists, this is nothing new. … Continue reading

UMNO’s 21st century cavemen

By Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff According to blogger Zainulfaqar Yaacob, the bloke shown above uttered the following: Woi, kaulah pengkhianat…pengkhianat agama lah p***mak! Aku tak nak dengar kau cakap. Duduk! Duduk YB bodoh! Duduk Hoi Khalid (Samad), kau belum kenal aku siapa? Selepas ini duduk. Kau , kau jangan turun Seksyen 23, kalau tidak, kau mati. … Continue reading

Kiddie porn-OK. Cow heads-NOT OK!!!

by Eyes Wide Open That seems to be the message, no? When Information Minister Rais Yatim pushed for the Green Dam internet censorship idea, he was beaten back by all parties including our present PM Najib and past PM Dr Mahathir, who reminded him of Malaysia’s promise that there would be no Internet censorship. Despite … Continue reading

Still flipping and flopping from PM to PM

By Reina HE probably thought the public was going to except his explanation and stop attacking the 50 cow-head protesters. He didn’t see it coming. The angry reactions flooded blogs and news websites, the calls for his resignation as Home Minister, the accusation against his government for stooping so low to wrest the Selangor government. … Continue reading

Kissing cousins and making up

by Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff You know who the ‘cousins’ are, but making up is another story. Firstly, let’s read TMI’s report – “Federal govt considers offering another site for temple“. Excerpts: While the state government is hosting a dialogue session with all residents this Saturday, the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government is also considering holding … Continue reading