Sebab Cow-lah Ini Berlaku!!!

oleh Eyes Wide Open Petikan dari tulisan Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO mengenai protes kepala lembu kelmarin. Geli hati saya apabila membacanya. Hujahnya berputarbelit sana-sini. Mungkin mereka ni bekas kelasi kot? Depa memang pandai dalam hal ikat-mengikat sampai mustahil simpul tu ditanggalkan – terlalu rumit belitannya, macamlah hujahnya dalam artikel ini. Isy…isy…isy…Tak boleh tahanlah kena buka … Continue reading

What would Gandhi do?

by Eyes Wide Open In light of yesterday’s protest at Shah Alam, I suppose many people would have very strong views about what happened. The MSM may downplay the incident (like the NST) or completely ignore it altogether (like the Star), but in this age of internet and instant messaging the news has already spread … Continue reading

From maturity to maturity

By Reina NEWS of a group of Malay-Muslim protesters threatening bloodshed unless the Selangor government stopped the construction of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam spread like wildfire over the Internet (See MalaysiaKini and Malaysian Insider for full report.) Responses over the issue rushed in just as fast with almost all the commentators in these … Continue reading