REMEMBER, remember, please, please do not forget Selvach

By Hartal MSM This posting has been sitting in the Hartal draft queue the last few days because if we had published it in the heat of anger at the news, whatever we had to say would have been just another rant. Charles Moreira, a veteran ex-Star journalist, had this to say in the Malaysian … Continue reading

Blog war: Haris vs Rocky #3

By Hartal MSM Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) is helming ‘Project 1805’ to raise concern about custodial deaths. SABM initiator and leading light, lawyer Haris Ibrahim has been careful and consistent in his phrasing “1,805 lives perished in our remand cells, prisons and detention centres between 2003 and 16th July, last year.” Haris is imputing … Continue reading