Anwaristas and their new ‘porn star’

Last Boxing Day (Dec 26, 2010), we posted ‘Top 10 haram words‘ where we hoped that the media will stop applying or allowing the following labels in relation to the people listed below: 1.  statesman / Mahathir Mohamad 2.  First Lady / Rosmah Mansor 3.  Trojan horse / Zaid Ibrahim and (9) porn star / Chua … Continue reading

DAP suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome

Pix: Click on video (below) for demo of LGE’s Tourette’s Syndrome. ‘Seeing is believing’. By Hartal MSM If you’ll trawl this blog, you can find a number of postings critical of MCA, including recent ones. These are mostly in the context of its ownership of the Star and the radio station that sacked DJ Jamaluddin. … Continue reading