Interlok: Chinese immigrants came here to carry shit buckets

Above: Scanned excerpt from ‘Interlok’, page 158 RELATED: Interlok: Chinese sell their daughters The main Chinese character in the book is Cing Huat who arrives in this land with his father Kim Lock. One of Kim Lock’s first jobs was to pull a rickshaw, whereas his son — the young boy — slaved away as … Continue reading

Et tu, Malaysiakini?

We’ve noticed that Malaysiakini is falling more and more into the sensationalism mode. Malaysiakini traditionally banks on its sober socio-political reporting. Yesterday however, the portal featured ‘Erectile dysfunction strong sign of heart attack’ which is its fifth Most Viewed article of the day in its English section, while the article’s translation ‘Mati pucuk petanda serangan … Continue reading

Dr Asri And Intellectual Change

By Crankshaft

The title ‘Mengemudi Bahtera Perubahan Minda’ or ‘Steering the Ship of Intellectual Change’ sounded promising. But expecting anyone who writes for Utusan Melayu (or its weekly, Mingguan Malaysia) to write common sense would be like expecting a leopard to shed its spots.