God’s gift: The Anwar cometh, parting Red Sea

First there was thunder & lightning t … Then came a roaring voice from the clouds: “The Almighty has got a prezzie for you, O people of Malaysia”. God said: ‘You have 4 choices. You can tick options (a), (b), (c) or (d). Alamak, ni tak boleh lah, haram … Strike out the wine basket. … Continue reading

Anwar’s one-man show didn’t consult Pakatan partners

Do please remember that the Malay heartland is only largely exposed to the Malay media, and the English media is alien to many, if not the English language itself. What impression will Pak Su and Cik Som get from the recent political goings-on? One, that first the wifey, then the hubby syok sendiri. We know … Continue reading

Er, Anwar should not be behind Azmin?

The Malaysian Insider popped a cracker of a headline today, Anwar should be above Wan Azizah, says PKR Wanita. What headline would you give the story if you were sitting at the copyeditor’s desk? UPDATE (Nov 27): Here’s an attention grabbing headline from FMT, Wan Azizah: Anwar is God’s gift to Malaysians ____________________________________________________________ Below is … Continue reading