Star-tling Stupidity

by Eyes Wide Open What a fiasco! More than that, it just demonstrates how removed from reality the movers and shakers in Malaysia are. The Star Online created a poll to ask if the Bersih rally should be allowed. Specifically the question asked was: “What is your view of the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally on … Continue reading

Valentine Girl: Ustazah Siti is loved by many

The Facebook of Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood has 342,000 ‘Likes’ by users of the social network. Now that’s really a lot of people who like her. Siti lists among her favourite pages Harakah Daily, Utusan, Ustaz Sharhan Shafie, Ustaz Ismail Kamus, Tuan Guru Dato’ Dr Haron Din and Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah. … Continue reading

Malaysian Indians Should Be Treated Like Dogs

by Eyes Wide Open Malaysians of all creeds and colours are united in online outrage over the abuse of a cute poodle called Sushi. This has reached hysterical levels over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, with a spontaneous voluntary manhunt going on for the couple involved and howls for vigilante justice to be … Continue reading

No wonder he wants FB banned!

by Eyes Wide Open On December 7th, it was reported that Umno Supreme Council member Dr Shahidan Kassim wanted Facebook to be blocked as it posed a threat to national security. He is quoted as saying, “If the website content poses a threat to national security and insults Islam, then it is unnecessary to have … Continue reading

Namewee will have more Facebook fans than Najib by weekend

On Aug 31, we blogged that some 243,700 people like Namewee’s official Facebook page. When we checked yesterday, his Facebook has close to 319,400 fans. That’s an increase of 75,700 fans in a span of just 8 days, or averagely 9,500 (to round up the figure) signing up daily. Anwar Ibrahim’s Facebook has 162,800 fans … Continue reading

Pro-Siti Inshah Facebook fights back

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Our more happenin’ friends have been telling us that social media is more effective and far reaching than this little blog of ours. Possibly, as Facebook, Twitter and others are more snappy, interactive and real time. Consider for example the Facebook war going on between supporters of Namewee and Siti Inshah. … Continue reading

UMNO is winning the propaganda wars again

by Eyes Wide Open Well, well, well. It seems after having lost the information war during GE2008, UMNO has finally gotten its act together, perhaps thanks to the RM20 million contract givern to the APCO, the mega PR company. In the years running up to GE2008, the opposition parties and Malaysians sick of the ruling … Continue reading