Deepavali ad (Raya) prequel — just as SICKKK!!

The Finas ad — which showed the superior Muslim daughter-in-law who refused to touch the food (fearing it is not halal) served at the home of her husband’s parents during Deepavali — is actually Part 2 and a continuation of the story. If you watch Part 1 and the muka sombong she habitually wears with … Continue reading

Hypocrisy First (3): Deepavali greetings, convert-to-Islam subtext

Can’t Finas wish a direct and simple Happy Deepavali without introducing the everybody-converting-to-Islam theme? This ‘mualaf’ agenda is really pervasive in Malaysian media. It can be subtle or in-your-face. But it’s always Melayu First, Muslim First even when it comes to the holiest or the biggest festival days in the calendar of the other races in … Continue reading