PKR infighting spills over into out-fighting

Pix: One Pakatan party is bending over backwards to appease and it ain’t PKR. Hartal has previously called Malaysia’s richest paper The Sniveling Star. We’d like to think that we had adequately deconstructed its articles to convince our blog readers as to in what way Star snivelled. Recently, there has been some name-calling of Free … Continue reading

Nut Graph had RM2 million-plus to play with

Online news portal The Nut Graph is winding down and moving on to becoming a weekly; read their ‘Plan B‘. NG founder Jacqueline Ann Surin, writing about the dissolution revealed: “At present, as the remaining co-founder in the company, I am no longer able to justify spending up to RM80,000 a month when our income … Continue reading

Mukhriz Mahathir’s Jew-bashing makes our toes tingle!

By Hartal MSM Pix above (lifted from FMT): Wow, “humanitarian aid” for Gazans = metal deck chairs?? Double Wow! The 8th wonder of the world … There is actually an alternative media in Malaysia that is telling the other side of the story. From the fairly new Free Malaysia Today news portal (which has poached … Continue reading