by Eyes Wide Open Much has been said by Malaysian politicians on both sides of the Great Divide, especially since the 2008 General Elections. Malaysia still seems to be stuck in the mud, hardly making any progress forward as an economy, a society, a nation. Much has been said by supporters of the politicians from … Continue reading

BN Govt Coming Down Hard On Freedom Of Expression

By Crankster It was quite subtle at first. They tried to block Malaysia Today around this time – exactly two years ago. You and I know how that went. A mirror site popped up almost immediately, and Malaysians, being the busybodies that they naturally are, forwarded the link for the new site to everyone they … Continue reading

Malaysian media and Indonesian media – a quick comparison

by Eyes Wide Open This is a story taken from the NST. It’s very interesting from a writer’s point of view. Because it really shows very clearly the difference in mindset between the Indonesian government and the Malaysian government’s attitude towards the media. It also reveals the media’s attitudes themselves about their roles and relationship … Continue reading