Malott has not addressed the main issue

By Peter Masry Former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott’s response (see Malaysiakini / Din Merican or elsewhere in blogosphere) to American blogger Rachel Motte on Feb 14 regarding Anwar Ibrahim deserves a response in return. Briefly, while Malott may be right that Ms Motte engages in hyperbole, and possibly defamation, (calling Mr Malott “Anwar’s Pet” is … Continue reading

Who took money from George Soros?

Pix pinched from the Weekly Standard. It was a three-quarters of a million (RM2.32 million) dollars donation made between 2008 and 2010. The US$750,000 from George Soros and family went to J Street, an American far-left lobby group. The lobbyist or pressure group working its influence on American Congressmen has been accused of being “very, … Continue reading