BTN – Brainwashing The Nation (Part 1)

By Eyes Wide Open “There exists a causal relationship between a free press and democracy. Democratic institutions degenerate into dictatorship in the absence of an independent media.” Abstract from: The role of the independent media in Africa’s change to democracy Long-suffering African nations have long woken up to the fact that for real democracy to … Continue reading

Malaysian media and Indonesian media – a quick comparison

by Eyes Wide Open This is a story taken from the NST. It’s very interesting from a writer’s point of view. Because it really shows very clearly the difference in mindset between the Indonesian government and the Malaysian government’s attitude towards the media. It also reveals the media’s attitudes themselves about their roles and relationship … Continue reading

Here’s a question for you…

“What is the ONE major propaganda idea – affecting every Malaysian – that most people have been conditioned into accepting without question to the point that they don’t even realise that it’s there?” This was the question I asked in my response to one of the comments we received in our article “Beng Hock’s baby … Continue reading