Forum nama Allah: Salut untuk anak muda!

Oleh HASMI HASHIM (Perak Express) Dewan penuh sesak. Hujan masih renyai. Di luar, pada mulanya beberapa kereta peronda polis kelihatan menunggu… (Hadirin yang hadir) Memetik beberapa lapor, sekitar 1500 orang memenuhi Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Selangor malam itu. Saya sendiri belum pernah jadi panel dalam acara ilmu dan perbincangan yang sebegini besar khalayaknya. Sebagai orang yang … Continue reading

Hisham’s hoof in mouth disease

By Reina THERE was uproar when the public saw a video clip of Minister Rais Yatim telling off a reporter for not using the national language at the press conference. The clip got circulated and this was probably the first time many saw a minister behaving so rudely. But for journalists, this is nothing new. … Continue reading

Kiddie porn-OK. Cow heads-NOT OK!!!

by Eyes Wide Open That seems to be the message, no? When Information Minister Rais Yatim pushed for the Green Dam internet censorship idea, he was beaten back by all parties including our present PM Najib and past PM Dr Mahathir, who reminded him of Malaysia’s promise that there would be no Internet censorship. Despite … Continue reading

Fail, Mr Home Minister, fail!

– by Eyes Wide Open And the crap factory keeps churning out the propaganda. There are so many things wrong with this article (or rather, the statements being reported by this article). Any decent newspaper would have destroyed such propaganda statements with a scathing commentary. But this is Bernama – the state owned propaganda machine … Continue reading