Aku cabar hang, Ibrahim Ali! (I challenge you, Ibrahim Ali)

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff There are 152 names in the consolidated list below. The first set of 16 names are the Defence Ministry head honchos and military high command, the second set (33) the top brass in the Home Ministry and police, and the third set (103) are the heads of missions – ambassadors, high … Continue reading

Twinkle, twinkle Bintang Perkasa

To our post yesterday ‘Star — the paper that needs spectacles’, Zorro replied, ‘Hartal MSM, you mean testicles and not spectacles, yah?’ Yah lor. Star does seem to be missing, err, things, where they count. In the paper’s report on the launch of Perkasa,  Star concluded its article with this sentence: “Perkasa presented the inaugural Bintang … Continue reading

Ibrahim Ali at his best!

by Eyes Wide Open . . “Don’t talk sh*t!” Wow, Ibrahim Ali must be so proud of himself that he can show his powerful eloquence to the world. I’m sure the BN’s desperate support for people like this will attract investments into the country, stop the brain drain and attract the hordes of highly-talented Malaysians … Continue reading