The Malaysian MSM’s Bullet In Aminul’s Head

by Eyes Wide Open

The police were CHASING the car, so how could the vehicle be said to have been used to attack them?

Unravelling the mystery of the Great RPK Manhunt

By Eyes Wide Open Has anyone googled “RPK London” to see which news agencies are carrying the sensational “news” about the great RPK Manhunt? If yes, perhaps you would have noticed something. NOT…A…SINGLE…NEWS…BODY…OUTSIDE…MALAYSIA…IS…COVERING… THE…RPK…MANHUNT…AT…ALL! Isn’t it strange that such a sensational story (cops closing in on fugitive dissenting blogger) gets ZERO attention, whereas the BBC … Continue reading

Mr IGP, give peace a chance

It is evident that the path towards sustainable harmonious co-existence having the all-important humanity element is clearly understood by the director-general of the NUID. And he appears determined to put in place ‘pre-conflict’ checks and balances whereby society has a decent shot at coping with adverse conditions.

Failure at the outset will precipitate a rise in poverty related criminal acts which will require the police force to step in.

Perhaps, if the IGP is ill-equipped to fight crime, he should give a chance for Peace to prevail.

Good cop or bad cop?

by Reina The IGP’s term was extended for the second time. The mainstream media came out with glowing reports about Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan – completely ignoring the hard and harsh criticisms in the Internet including the detailed claims in Malaysia Today about his links with the underworld. Malay Mail reports that … Continue reading