‘They carried metal rods, chainsaws, knives, axes, and they used all of them’

NEW BBC documentary screened on Monday (Aug 16) What was the real agenda of the so called “peace activists”? Israel gave 5 warnings to the Mavi Marmara to turn back. The world does not want to know the commandos had paintball and stun guns. “They [Mahathir says they’re “mercy workers”] came at me with knives … Continue reading

Mercedes on the roads/VIPs on cargo deck

Pix taken from IMEMC (July 9, 2010). The International Middle East Media Center is a Palestinian organization. The purpose of the Gaza flotilla was to break Israel’s naval blockade. Writing in the Gisborne Herald today, renowned scientist Dr Rodney Brooks  said the blockade was only partial, and hence did not precipitate any “humanitarian crisis” as … Continue reading

Flotilla redux: Earlier clash at Egypt border, Egyptian soldier killed

IHH pix: The riot squad are Egyptian soldiers poised for confrontation with pro-Palestinian activists Excerpt: “Still not convinced that the Turkish violence [250 Turks] aboard the Mavi Marmara was premeditated? “Check out this comparison of the flotilla incident with clashes that broke out between members of George Galloway’s Lifeline 3 aid convoy with Egyptian security … Continue reading

Latest: Flotilla towed by political tugboat

BBC pix, Erdogan and wife. This story from the New York Times is definitely worth reading, ‘Sponsor of flotilla tied to elite of Turkey’. NYT reported, “The Turkish charity [IHH] that led the flotilla involved in a deadly Israeli raid has extensive connections with Turkey’s political elite, and the group’s efforts to challenge Israel’s blockade … Continue reading

Did Reuters crop Gaza flotilla photos to hide activists’ weapons?

UPDATED (2.05pm) In our earlier post ‘Did Reuters crop Gaza flotilla photos to hide activists’ weapons?’ (click to view photos), the injured men in the balaclava who have been stabbed and held down are the Israeli commandos. It’s only to be expected that Malaysian readers would mistake the bleeding and captured men (Israeli soldiers) for … Continue reading