Clueless Kit Siang supports supression of bloggers

By Hartal MSM Lim Kit Siang issued a statement today saying that “MCMC can be assured of public support for any strict action against abuses of the Internet as putting up content with racial and religious slurs which could spark off tension in our country”. He wants “an end to any form of racial or … Continue reading

Nah!! Time for the middle finger/ Rome burns, Kit Siang fiddles

By Hartal MSM Did Namewee really stick his middle finger at the Kulaijaya principal Siti Inshah Mansor in his ‘Nah!!’ music video? If you want to know, you have to source YouTube yourself for the clip … ‘cos we ain’t telling. The young rapper has been accused of (criminal) vulgarity and profanity. However, he is … Continue reading

Why police so antsy about ‘Negaraku’?

What happened on Sunday night? According to FMT, Anti-ISA protesters arrested In Petaling Jaya, anti-riot personnel moved in on some 300 protesters when they started singing the national anthem at 8pm. Later, the crowd gathered outside the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters, where those arrested were taken, and sang the Negaraku and lit candles. Once … Continue reading

Bernama deaf to torture

On Friday, international news agency AFP carried a story headlined ‘UN team probes custody abuse claims in Malaysia’. (a) The first four paragraphs of the AFP story as below, KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Malaysia was urged on Friday to repeal its tough preventive security laws by a group of UN officials investigating claims of abuse … Continue reading

BN caught in a time warp

The Star proudly reports that Siow Chen Pin, the sole MCA assemblyman in the state, immediately got on the phone to call the authorities and get them to erect street lights in the rural town of Siliau (this name is very cute la – sounds like Hokkien for “die already”). One of the people who … Continue reading

Responding to BN-inspired racism and prejudice

By Malaysian Heart While reading the comments which came in response to the post “Fail, Mr Home Minister, fail!” here at Hartal MSM, I came across one that I believe exemplifies the kind of racist and prejudiced thinking that BN is trying to inculcate amongst Malaysians. I reproduce my response to it here, but first … Continue reading

Police Misconduct and the Mainstream Media’s Response to it: Malaysia and India

By Malaysian Heart

However serious the challenges that democracy, human rights and justice face in India, their news media seems prepared to play their part, by upholding a journalists duty. As long as our MSM are owned by interested parties, and (more importantly) willing to sacrifice their journalistic integrity to spin stories and spread propaganda for their poilitical masters, we cannot reasonably expect the same from any of them.

Syabas! Anti-ISA rally shows police have 12% success rate

By Helen Ang

Bernama, our national news agency reported that 589 people were arrested in connection with the anti-ISA street demonstration.

I am truly impressed by the efficiency of our police. They nabbed 11.78% of the ‘criminals’ who broke the law attending an ‘illegal assembly’.

If there are 5,000 cases of snatch thefts reported a year, and police show the same level of efficiency, then they would have solved 12 percent of the cases. And apprehended 589 snatch thieves, and hopefully recovered and returned 589 handbags to grateful women of Malaysia.

Anti-ISA: Girl in jubah and tudung labuh

By Helen Ang

When my friend rang me up for a live update of the situation yesterday, I breathlessly told him that teargas was going off everywhere.

Another friend who was with me commented that the FRU were “trigger happy” with firing teargas.

Bravo PAS for anti-ISA turnout

The Star front page banner headline today asked: ‘Why march?’ Well, why stop us? — By Helen Ang