After always attacking the Chinese Jews of Asia, Ridhuan Tee now praises Hitler

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff All our mainstream media are happy enough to bash Israel as that is kosher here but when it comes to stomping on Singapore – surprise, surprise – even Utusan holds back. This is not the first time that the Utusan editor and/or sub-editor had the good sense to restrain Icker-Tee. See … Continue reading

Vincent Tan – a trustee of Perdana Foundation

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff [Pix above: The young American activist Rachel Corrie after whom the Gaza flotilla ship is named] There are two Perdana foundations to serve Mahathir’s ego. Loony Tun speeches The Perdana Global Peace Organization was kicked off when the ex-premier wanted a personal podium for his “Expose War Crimes: Criminalise War” pitch. … Continue reading

‘Jews should go home to Germany’ message draws flak

Yesterday senior American journalist Helen Thomas tendered her immediate resignation as a columnist for Hearst Newspapers after her controversial comments on Israel were widely disseminated over the Net. In her message to Israel in a video interview on May 27, Thomas said ”Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine”.  She also reminded Tel … Continue reading

MSM Maths: 1,400 > 230,000?

by Crankster The mainstream media is a strange animal. Sensation is its main course while spin-doctoring is both the appetizer and the dessert, especially in Malaysia. Scandals make excellent sensational news. So do disasters. Take the most recent disaster for example. Immediately after the earthquake in Haiti, there was plenty of noise made about how … Continue reading