DurianFM is born

By Reina There’s a new radio station in town and its called DurianFM. It’ll be officially launched on March 8 – this Tuesday. You can access it here. . The main man there is Jamaluddin Ibrahim. Remember him? . The popular 98.8FM DJ who was sacked by StarFM in September last year. 98.8 FM is one of … Continue reading

You gotta lurrrve this guy

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff Icker-Tee, eat your heart out. We thought the clip below worth bringing to our readers’ attention. Now, we all know that deejay Jamaluddin Ibrahim speaks good Mandarin. However it brought a grin to our faces to hear this Melayu fler speaking English with an endearing Chinese accent. The dude rocks! As … Continue reading

CSL/LGE, don’t pray-pray

Illustrative pix: Phua Chu Kang By Sharifuddin A. Latiff (Press statement by Dr Chua Soi Lek on 988 DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim) Among other things, the MCA President said: “It is not true that I have met him five times as he has claimed. Jamaluddin, as a Muslim, should be more responsible and not made misleading … Continue reading

Deja vu at The Star

By Reina The letter issued by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission on August 18 which led to the suspension does not state exactly what was the offence allegedly committed by Jamaluddin Ibrahim, the DJ at Star’s 98.8 FM. It was the same thing back in 1987 when no one really knew what the exact … Continue reading

Licensed for silence

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Freedom of expression and speech (aka F.O.E.S.) in Malaysia took another knock from the BN administration through the MCMC this week. Yes, we are referring to the suspension of DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim at Star’s 98.8 FM pending investigations into alleged ‘offensive’ content. The MCMC issued a letter on this matter on … Continue reading