Nobody seems able to stop Perkasa now

By Hartal MSM As we post this, Mahathir should be addressing the Perkasa crowd right about now in Pasir Mas — Ibrahim Ali’s constituency. According to a notice in the Perkasa website, their patron will be greeted by 3,000 ‘warriors’ on motorcycles. The purpose of the Mahathir-Perkasa rally in Kelantan is — according to the … Continue reading

Perkasa on warpath, MCA shrugs

Perkasa has identified 15 adversaries to be put on its watch list. These are “15 orang tokoh politik yang dianggap memusuhi dasar perjuangannya” (15 politicians deemed to be enemies of the movement’s struggle). Donald Lim is one. Khairy Jamaluddin, with whom Ibrahim Ali recently had a spat with, is another. The rest on the list … Continue reading

Gaps in MSM coverage of flotilla to Gaza

Anti-Israel protests followed Friday prayers today, with the Pakatan rally marching from Kg Baru (the Malay bastion, topic of our earlier posting) to the American embassy. The Umno Youth rally led by KJ was held at the National Mosque. Both venues – Kg Baru and National Mosque – are significant; Pakatan plays on race and … Continue reading