Ridhuan Tee at it again / Utusan on Sunday outsells Star

By Hartal MSM Uppercaise and Sakmongkol in their Jan 16 postings updated respectively on the newspaper circulation numbers and kind of readership. We’re adding our 2 sen here on the Icker factor. uppercaise blogged: ‘Metro, Sin Chew are tops, NST bottoms below 80,000‘ Citing the Audit Bureau of Circulation, uppercaise posted a list of the Top … Continue reading

So who was Zulkifli Ahmad then?

By Helen Ang To recap, some Bangsarites raised a hue and cry over the Kosmo! story on Yasmin Ahmad. Apparently, Yasmin’s mother was unaware of the offending front page until the Utusan top guns showed up at her doorstep proffering their apology. So who was the Zulkifli guy pictured in that tabloid story on Yasmin? … Continue reading

Beng Hock’s baby awaiting Utusan apology

By Helen Ang

Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah caused a controversy when he wrote about Teoh Beng Hock’s “child born out of wedlock” in the Sunday edition of the Utusan broadsheet.

Beng Hock’s family want an apology over his “insensitive and hurtful comments” on July 26. Malaysian Insider has the story and translation of the offensive paragraphs.

Last Sunday (Aug 2), Ridhuan replied to strong criticisms of him by those whom he called “golongan ultra kiasu” and took to task the Chinese newspapers as well.

In his article in Utusan’s Mingguan Malaysia, Ridhuan said “Frankly, I have no need to apologize because I was speaking the truth”. He called the criticisms of him “low class ideas” not worth entertaining.

Yasmin cannot but Kugan can, is it?

By Hartal MSM

When the feelings of Yasmin’s family were hurt by the revelation, there was an uproar from the advertising agencies (she was responsible for the Petronas commercials, and a long time with Leo Burnett), and from reporters and the socialites who were her friends.*

But when the feelings of Kugan Ananthan’s family were hurt by the things printed about him, these people (who raised a stink on Yasmin’s behalf by threatening to pull their ad money from the paper, and the senior editors who drafted a protest letter and led a signature drive, and the “disgusted” Marina Mahathir blog which called for a boycott of “that despicable rag” Kosmo!) were silent.

An Open Letter to the Executive Chairman of Kumpulan Utusan

By Malaysian Heart

Tan Sri Mohamed Hashim Ahmad Makaruddin,
Executive Chairman, Kumpulan Utusan.

Tan Sri,

I am writing to express my indignation and abhorrence at your story headlined “Takdir Yasmin” on the late Yasmin Ahmad, that your tabloid Kosmo! ran on July 27th, 2009. (I justify my use of the words “you” and “your” by the fact that you are the Executive Chairman of Kumpulan Utusan. The buck stops with you, sir, and nowhere else.)

Did Kosmo! defame Yasmin Ahmad?

By Hartal MSM

While Marina flays Kosmo! – “is there no decency among the editors and reporters there?” – and the NST-associated folks talk about “ethical journalistic conduct” and “acting with humanity”, we hope that they will condescend to re-seat themselves at their personal computers and tap out the next letters on behalf of the other bereaved Malaysian families irreparably hurt by irresponsible journalism.

Hartal MSM will be glad to furnish the name list in alphabetical order, starting with A. Kugan.