What’s DAP gonna do about Interlok?

“I read the novel and found it repugnant not only to the sensibility of Indians Malaysian but also to Chinese Malaysians, and even Malays,” — M. Kulasegaran DAP vice-chairman Observing that Interlok has a political agenda, Kula added too that the novel is vile and gross. He was reported by Malaysiakini as saying, “You can’t … Continue reading

Waktu by-election aje heboh, lepas tu buat tak tau

Below was our response yesterday to one reader called ‘Gunasegaran’ who had commented in FMT. What a typically disgraceful spin by this DAP supporter. Interlok was brought up by (Ipoh Barat DAP MP) Kulasegaran for what purpose? Only as a campaign issue to politicize in a by-election. See this Jan 22 article in M’sian Insider, … Continue reading

DAP Perak beans unspilled as yet

DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz parachuted into the party only not too long ago — in August 2008. However, his “plea for sanity over Perak DAP crisis” is astute, and polished writer that he is, Tunku Aziz is possibly the right individual with enough stature to make this all-too-necessary call. He writes mighty fine English … Continue reading