“Don’t tell my mother I work in the Malaysian MSM, she thinks I play the piano in a whorehouse…”

by Eyes Wide Open

I can’t help but recall the title of a book written by Jacques Seguela (founder of the global advertising juggernaut Euro RSCG) – “Don’t tell my mother I work in an advertising agency, she thinks I play the piano in a whorehouse…”

But when I substitute the words “advertising agency” with “Malaysian media”, it seems so much less like an outlandish joke and so much more like reality…

Ibrahim Ali at his best!

by Eyes Wide Open . . “Don’t talk sh*t!” Wow, Ibrahim Ali must be so proud of himself that he can show his powerful eloquence to the world. I’m sure the BN’s desperate support for people like this will attract investments into the country, stop the brain drain and attract the hordes of highly-talented Malaysians … Continue reading

MSM Maths: 1,400 > 230,000?

by Crankster The mainstream media is a strange animal. Sensation is its main course while spin-doctoring is both the appetizer and the dessert, especially in Malaysia. Scandals make excellent sensational news. So do disasters. Take the most recent disaster for example. Immediately after the earthquake in Haiti, there was plenty of noise made about how … Continue reading

The country can’t be built on APCO speeches!

As I read the following article, I felt my breakfast pick itself up from my stomach and slowly begin its journey up my esophagus. Even the previous night’s delicacies couldn’t help but begin its migration from my intestines. I’d like to offer a punch-by-punch rebuttal on this blatant lie perpetuated by the Malaysian MSM. If … Continue reading

Should APCO Speechwriters Run Our Country?

By Eyes Wide Open APCO seems to be really earning their million-ringgit PR contract. Najib’s speeches are taking on that warm and fuzzy glow. One might almost mistake him for the Malaysian version of Obama if one was not aware of the long list of controversies surrounding him. The Malaysian Insider reported a glowing speech … Continue reading

Why I use ‘Allah’ – a layman’s perspective

By Pastor Eu Hong Seng In the current ongoing debate, some are of the opinion that Christians should just give in and forego the use of the word “Allah” so that the threats and attacks on churches will stop and Malaysia can continue to enjoy her peace and move on unhindered to developed nation status. … Continue reading

Churches bombed – Where is Utusan?

By Eyes Wide Open It’s finally happened. After all the innuendoes and not-so-subtle threats about terrible retaliation to supposed attacks on Malays by non-Malays, something finally happened. At least 3 churches were attacked, and one of them was completely gutted by fire. Besides the online media, the Chinese MSM were the fastest with the story … Continue reading

BTN – Brainwashing The Nation (Part 1)

By Eyes Wide Open “There exists a causal relationship between a free press and democracy. Democratic institutions degenerate into dictatorship in the absence of an independent media.” Abstract from: The role of the independent media in Africa’s change to democracy Long-suffering African nations have long woken up to the fact that for real democracy to … Continue reading

Propaganda – similarities between the Nazis & BN

by Eyes Wide Open While doing research on media manipulation and propaganda techniques used by governments to maintain their grip on power, I came across an interesting website by the The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a trasure trove of information about the Nazi atrocities, and they had several articles about how the … Continue reading

Playboy can access! Malingsia cannot access?

Try to access this website:  http://www.malingsia.com Chances are, if you’re using Streamyx or any other GLC ISP, you can’t. Now try accessing Malaysia Today. Chances are, if you’re accessing from within Malaysia, you can’t either. Or at best, you can after several tries or hours. Now try accessing Playboy here. (This is strictly for experimental … Continue reading