UMNO’s Frankie

By Reina Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says that Perkasa is a “monster that the media created”. He is half right in that Perkasa is a monster. But he’s way off the mark when he says that Perkasa is created by the media. A hypothetical scenario You are heading a political party that is … Continue reading

HMSM BREAKING NEWS – Seismic changes at The Star

By Reina The Edge’s editor-in-chief Ho Kay Tat signed the contract on Thursday night making him the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Star Publications that publishes the leading English daily The Star. Ho’s appointment has taken many by surprise but a change in the leadership of Star Publications was to be expected as … Continue reading

Ho Kay Tat to head the Star as COO/MD

Details will be forthcoming from H-MSM intrepid snoopers.

The Malaysian MSM’s Bullet In Aminul’s Head

by Eyes Wide Open

The police were CHASING the car, so how could the vehicle be said to have been used to attack them?