‘Mother Mary’ sending Gaza blockade-busting nuns

Pix of Samar Hajj (by Mona Alami/IPS) O-M-G!! The Israeli commandos had better prepare to be unmanned. The next flotilla is women-only. The ship Julia sailing from Libya will carry some 50 female activists, including American nuns. The voyage is called ‘Maryam’. How the expedition got its name: “After the Mavi Marmaris [Marvara Marmara] incident, … Continue reading

‘Shut the (bleep) up! Go back to Auschwitz’

Video released July 15 after conclusion of Israeli commission of inquiry into the flotilla raid. “Shut the (bleep) up! Go back to Auschwitz” — message from the Mavi Marvara ‘peace activists’ to the Israeli intercept calling on the ship to divert to the port of Ashdod. Coverage of ‘weapons or no weapons’ poser in Malaysian … Continue reading

Most shocking photo of bloodied Israeli commando yet!

Updated (July 28): In an interview with CBC, the Canadian activist Kevin  says he “didn’t see any wounds” and that the soldiers were released “unharmed as far as I understand”. However in a separate and earlier video-taping on board the Mavi Marmara, Neish addresses the camera below decks during the hostilities, and says very clearly … Continue reading