Will the real Hasan Ali please stand up.. and leave

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff PAS FOR ALL is the rallying cry I started to hear during the Bukit Gantang by-election in March ’09 which Nizar won handsomely despite the loss of Perak to BN under dubious circumstances. The slogan captured the hearts and minds of practically every decent Malaysian irrespective of their religious or agnostic … Continue reading

Unlocking KTM land in S’pore

What is the land worth?

According to a 2004 estimate, it is valued at between SG3 – 5 billion without any further development. That’s equivalent to RM7.2 – 12 billion at the prevailing rate of exchange of 2.40.

Media supports govt rape of citizens!

Spinning a story is one thing. Publishing pure unadulterated lies is quite another. This is a blatant case of government corruption and oppression of Malaysian citizens! Has the MSM no conscience at all, supporting the rape and plunder of helpless Malaysians?

Prince vs Prince – what will the Royal Malaysian Police do now?

The Negeri Sembilan royal house is claiming that one of their members was abused and threatened with a gun by a member of the Johor royal house – and that the police are not doing anything about it.

One would wonder how the police would conduct their interrogations on the Johor royal being accused. But then, it would be unbecoming for the police to sit by and do nothing since the Negeri Sembilan royal family has gone public with the case with photographic evidence.

1Malaysia, 1Media?

If such a merger were to happen, almost all of the major press and electronic media would come under direct government control, except for a few small players. This will give the party who controls the NSTP unprecedented control over the information flow in the country. Which in turn would mean that the majority of the nation’s opinion could be shaped without much interference or deviation from the official line.

Media blackout on Johor constitutional amendment!

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff While everyone’s attention were fixated on the: Shah Alam’s bull-head circus Najib’s new PKFZ Special Task Force TBH’s inquest MCA’s presidential turmoil MIC’s party elections Etc, etc, etc Something sinister cropped up quietly down south in the state of Johor.

Why is Malay Mail exposing MIC’s deep dark secret?

by Eyes Wide Open ——————– Ex-MIC strongman says he ‘cheated’ in 1977 party polls (The Malay Mail, 7 September 2009) – FORMER MIC strongman Datuk V. Govindaraj has made public a dark secret that could have altered the presidency of the party. Govindaraj has confessed that he pocketed 30 votes meant for Datuk S. Subramaniam … Continue reading

Who needs a social contract?

(This article was originally published in the Sun on September 4, 2009.) Who needs a social contract? Kee Thuan Chye LAST week, I heard on BFM Radio an interview with a Malaysian about the meaning of Merdeka. When he was asked about the so-called “social contract” that was supposedly made by our founding fathers, and … Continue reading

The heads and tails of the matter

by Eyes Wide Open One of the earliest to break the cow’s head protest story was the Malaysian Insider. Their report was complete with photos, motives and names of the protest leaders. It also did not cringe from some pretty grisly shots of the cows head. However the MSM only saw fit to present the … Continue reading

From maturity to maturity

By Reina NEWS of a group of Malay-Muslim protesters threatening bloodshed unless the Selangor government stopped the construction of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam spread like wildfire over the Internet (See MalaysiaKini and Malaysian Insider for full report.) Responses over the issue rushed in just as fast with almost all the commentators in these … Continue reading