Et tu, Malaysiakini?

We’ve noticed that Malaysiakini is falling more and more into the sensationalism mode. Malaysiakini traditionally banks on its sober socio-political reporting. Yesterday however, the portal featured ‘Erectile dysfunction strong sign of heart attack’ which is its fifth Most Viewed article of the day in its English section, while the article’s translation ‘Mati pucuk petanda serangan … Continue reading

Who is “Tengku Osman”?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff Yeah, yeah, I’m still on the UMNO Baru Facebook case and this just in at about 9.30pm tonight or thereabouts – URL link here. Maaannn, this is definitely getting rather serious, eh folks. Putting up a banner like that is like waving your red panties in front of a pot-bellied 50 … Continue reading

UMNO is winning the propaganda wars again

by Eyes Wide Open Well, well, well. It seems after having lost the information war during GE2008, UMNO has finally gotten its act together, perhaps thanks to the RM20 million contract givern to the APCO, the mega PR company. In the years running up to GE2008, the opposition parties and Malaysians sick of the ruling … Continue reading