An uncommon at the House of Commons

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff On 18th March 2010, the NST had a news report – “Deputy CM: Pay no heed to NGOs’ memo“. Excerpts: Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu yesterday said no government should pay heed to people from non-governmental organisations which he labelled as “nobody in their own country”. He said … Continue reading

You sure you’re a journalist, Azmi?

By Reina Some journalists have difficulty understanding the meaning of the word “blogger”. They think that bloggers are paid to report for the masses and therefore they should follow journalism ethics especially when it comes to ethics, objectivity and accuracy. But a blogger is not a journalist because the blogger does not operate in an … Continue reading

1Malaysia, 1Media?

If such a merger were to happen, almost all of the major press and electronic media would come under direct government control, except for a few small players. This will give the party who controls the NSTP unprecedented control over the information flow in the country. Which in turn would mean that the majority of the nation’s opinion could be shaped without much interference or deviation from the official line.