‘I don’t hate Mahathir, I just despise him’

A reader using the pseudonym ‘2nd class’ responded to our Saturday posting Rebutting Mahathir, the ‘proud to be anti-Semitic’ hypocrite by saying “Your anti-Mahathir opinion is clearly based on your hatred towards him and not based on fact.” 2nd class also added: “Mahathir may have done injustice to some Malaysian but this is not the reason … Continue reading

Bad karma for Umno Youth & Palestinians

On Wednesday, Selangor delegate Zainuri Zainal at the Umno Youth general assembly criticized a disabled rights group for staging their protest over the Kuala Langat municipal council’s decision to kill nine dogs. The animals belonged to a suspect in the murder of cosmetics queen Sosilawati Lawiya. DETONATING DONKEYS The Taliban exploded a donkey in April … Continue reading

Here’s one way to tackle Utusan

[For story behind the cartoon above, please ref. CIF Watch.] UK’s the Guardian newspaper is anti-Israel, as is its Comment is Free (CIF) online facility for readers. Pro-Israel commentators have been banned from commenting in Guardian’s CIF section for nothing even approaching what the pro-Palestinian commentators are allowed to get away with. We’ve ourselves noticed … Continue reading

Yippee!! 3,000 people died

Yesterday, the media carried reports on the 9/11 anniversary on Saturday and how New York held its remembrances for the 3,000 people killed. This year however saw a difference in the commemoration. What had in the past been sombre gatherings for New Yorkers and families of the terrorist victims was a fraught affair as two … Continue reading

DAP not ‘ultra kiasu’, Palestinians not Virgin Mary

By Hartal MSM We wrote to Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Monday to point out that they allowed a reader’s comment “Just a bunch of useless beggars” said about Perkasa but blocked the same word when it applied to another scenario, “why are we wasting our limited [scholarship] funds on useless Palestinians”. See the screenshots … Continue reading