PDRM will get yer!

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Unless you’re 1Melayu 1Bumi, that is. Here are the evidences (and it’s in full colour compared to some grainy B&W stuff that’s in the media lately). Exhibit ‘A’         Exhibit ‘B’         Happy, smiling cops only in Bolihland when Perkasa turun padang. Oh yeah, did … Continue reading

Catch & Release – PDRM style

by Sharifuddin A Latiff PDRM’s fishing expeditions were rather creative lately. A recent example was when Zunar was taken for an unsolicited ‘Le Tour de Brickfields/Puchong/Serdang/KLIA Sepang‘. The latest refers to the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre personnel getting ‘detained’ for distributing the Red Book. TMI carried the story. Excerpts: Four legal aid volunteers trying … Continue reading

PDRM’s mobile unit a traffic hazard?

[Click on images for the video at CJ.MY]

As the tummy turns

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Raja Petra’s Stories Half Made Up, Says Mukhriz KUALA LUMPUR, July 5 (Bernama) — Articles written by fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin are only half truths with the rest made up by him, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said. You don’t say .. He said Raja Petra, … Continue reading

What 6km chase?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

You’d have to view this within the context of the police report made by Azamuddin Omar in which it was clearly stated that the police gave chase after Aminulrasyid overtook their vehicle.

The following image will indicate that the ‘chase’ was not 6 km as reported earlier in the various MSMs (here and here) relative to ‘official’ press statements by the bigwigs of the PDRM.

What ‘machete’ in dead teen’s car?

By Hartal MSM

Usually those shot dead by police are Indian men. Usually police are allowed to get away with their stories of weapons they conveniently find in car boots.

Now this case of a machete in the boot of the car belonging to a young Malay woman is not usual, although the police excuse we’re hearing is customary.

Hulu S’gor: Polis tangkap lagi

By Sharifuddin A.Latiff Earlier on Tuesday, three civil society activists K. Anu, K.S. Usha and Allen Tan were ‘arrested‘ in Hulu Selangor while another seven suffered the same fate yesterday. Are these incidents typical of selective enforcement by the Polis DiRaja Malaysia because the persons involved were deemed not BN-friendly? You might say it is … Continue reading

‘All China girls who work here are prostitutes’ – not!

How does one ever apologize for deliberate and calculated racism against Chinese? By Shuzheng Columnist Josh Hong’s ‘Rising above racism’ (Feb 26) in Malaysiakini refers. Hong took to task local Chinese media for accusing Malaysian police of singling out Chinese nationals in the case of Li Junjie. He disagrees that Chinese women are being targeted … Continue reading

Hulu S’gor: Enter the next IckerTee?

By Hartal MSM Some of our members alongside SABM are on the ground in Hulu Selangor. We, including Haris Ibrahim, are urging a boycott of mainstream media – No buy, no lies. Ha-ha-ha, after all, you can expect free newsletters to be distributed on site, like Selangor Kini (pro-Pakatan), Selangor Kita (pro-Umno) and heck, probably … Continue reading

The wonders of PR: more deaths=less failure

by Eyes Wide Open Fox Communications Sdn Bhd is a local PR outfit that has been retained by the PDRM at a cost to taxpayers to the tune of about RM34,000 per month. Well, I guess they must be giving themselves a hearty pat on the back for getting this plum contract. I mean, why … Continue reading