Hypocrisy First (2) – When Perkasa ‘deliberately’ forgot about Najib in Sibu

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PAS & Perkasa say no fun for the wicked

Pix borrowed from ‘Malaysian Insider’ story ‘Ansari falls into the sea… again‘ We took a week’s R & R but we’re back! With the all too many things happening politically, we needed to chill. Like Ansari Abdullah. But we didn’t go skinny dipping lah. “No fun, please”, we’re Malaysians. If PAS had their way, we … Continue reading

Here’s one way to tackle Utusan

[For story behind the cartoon above, please ref. CIF Watch.] UK’s the Guardian newspaper is anti-Israel, as is its Comment is Free (CIF) online facility for readers. Pro-Israel commentators have been banned from commenting in Guardian’s CIF section for nothing even approaching what the pro-Palestinian commentators are allowed to get away with. We’ve ourselves noticed … Continue reading

Catch & Release – PDRM style

by Sharifuddin A Latiff PDRM’s fishing expeditions were rather creative lately. A recent example was when Zunar was taken for an unsolicited ‘Le Tour de Brickfields/Puchong/Serdang/KLIA Sepang‘. The latest refers to the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre personnel getting ‘detained’ for distributing the Red Book. TMI carried the story. Excerpts: Four legal aid volunteers trying … Continue reading

Here’s a cangkul, MCA

Go dig a hole and bury yourselves. The Chinese party’s paper Star today carried these reports, ‘MCA Youth: Punish those who make racist remarks’ and ‘Draw clear line on extremism’. The MCA Youth wing in its resolution passed at the party AGM wants the government to disassociate itself from organisations such as Perkasa. Yet Youth … Continue reading

UMNO’s Frankie

By Reina Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says that Perkasa is a “monster that the media created”. He is half right in that Perkasa is a monster. But he’s way off the mark when he says that Perkasa is created by the media. A hypothetical scenario You are heading a political party that is … Continue reading

Perkasa’s Encik Songkok hops from one police report to another

Just look at his amazingly tall songkok! How many inches do you think? It reminds us of the Napoleon syndrome — about short men trying too hard to compensate for their lack of height (another guy afflicted, the puny-sized Hitler). Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah — proud wearer of the 8-inch songkok — … Continue reading

Perkasa believes Cina tak ada telur

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff Commentators in the Perkasa blog are the movement’s grassroots. Their comments reflect the sentiments of the party and its ideology. They also reveal the racism of Perkasa supporters, for instance, in lumping together Jews, Chinese, Indians and kafir as a collective. Namewee lancar album, 50 orang diketuai Perkasa bakar poster (Sept … Continue reading

Who took money from George Soros?

Pix pinched from the Weekly Standard. It was a three-quarters of a million (RM2.32 million) dollars donation made between 2008 and 2010. The US$750,000 from George Soros and family went to J Street, an American far-left lobby group. The lobbyist or pressure group working its influence on American Congressmen has been accused of being “very, … Continue reading

Hmm, most interesting…Namewee’s quintessential Chineseness

By Sharifuddin A Latiff [Click on image for Mkini’s report] Namewee’s response to Perkasa Arman Azha’s inflammatory act was, poignantly, more civilised. In fact, he is almost stoically Confucian. Excerpted – Asked by journalists for his reaction to the protest, Namewee said: I have no comment, I’m not politician. I came here for an anti-racism … Continue reading