Finding F.L.O.M.

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Question: Does Rosmah Mansor, wife of the current Malaysian PM, deserve to have an office at the PMO which is paid for by taxpayers’ monies? Answer: No. She is/was not an elected representative (read: wakil rakyat) during GE12. Q: What is F.L.O.M.? A: First Lady Of Malaysia. Q: Is Rosmah Mansor … Continue reading

Pffftt! Look at the tubby pot himself

We’re behind audie61 when the blog says Anthony Loke’s behaviour is “too much and way below the belt”. Posting yesterday, audie61’s weblog said: How would the husband and children of the family feel when their mother is subjected to ‘ridicule’ especially if it affects someones size. Loke, the DAP Seremban MP had described Rosmah Mansor as “the … Continue reading

Voters, dare to ask DAP this

Pix: Protesters tear photos of Adam Lambert It was reported today that the MCMC fined TV3 RM50,000 for the station’s Hari Raya ad. PAS protest #1 When the controversy first surfaced, Harakah Daily reported that PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi on Sept 5 had urged TV3 to scrap the ad. Nasrudin complained that the … Continue reading

Name them babies ‘Rosmah’ lah

Back in January, a grateful Haitian mother named her son ‘Israel’ — the first baby delivered in the IDF field hospital. The hospital was the only one of its kind set up at the Port-au-Prince earthquake disaster area. Read here about an orphaned Haitian teenager getting a new pair of legs at a Tel Aviv … Continue reading

Might this meet with Rosmah’s approval?

Yesterday, in our posting ‘Recommend posh hotel to Rosmah’ we commented that the dining in Gaza ain’t half so bad although the hotels are not of the highest standard that our PM’s wife may be accustomed to. For the Wisma Putra official who usually plans Rosmah’s itinerary, should our own international award-winning humanitarian decide to accompany … Continue reading

Sign that bumi quota will be scrapped

AP pix: New shopping mall opened in Gaza on July 17, 2010. “The mall is being widely featured in media throughout the Arab world, for example here but why the continuing silence from Western media who subscribe to AP …?” Tom Gross/Mideast Dispatch UPDATED: Photos of the Gaza hotels recommended for the Datin Seri’s stay … Continue reading

Recommend posh hotel to Rosmah

AFP pix/Getty images – Supermarket in Gaza City taken June 17, 2010 UPDATED: Photos of the Gaza hotels can be viewed in our next posting here, ‘Might this meet with Rosmah’s approval?‘ (click to view) Rosmah Mansor said the 1Malaysia Putera Club mission to Gaza reflected the sensitivity of Malaysians in feeling for the plight of … Continue reading

Remember how journalists jobless in ’87 were left to cope on their own?

By Reina

One of the editors recently said that in the first month, there was a lot of sympathy from friends and opposition politicians and activists. As the months passed, sympathy waned. By the time the third month came, the free food and sympathy was almost nil and the jobless journalists found that their savings were almost depleted.

1Rosmah, de facto concurrent PM of 1Malaysia

By Helen Ang

Uppercaise muses on how the new kid on the blog has no job at the PM’s Office. “She’s not paid by the taxpayer to do anything in government or the administration.