RPK’s Language Test For Malaysians!

by Eyes Wide Open RPK’s interview on TV3 recently has been greeted by a collective “OMG!!!!” Malaysians against BN seem to be screaming “What is going through RPK’s mind?” While Malaysians against PR seem to be screaming “HALLELUJAH!” But what is RPK actually saying? “In the SD, I related the tale that these people told … Continue reading

The best place for Polis Di Raja Malaysia

LAT pix — Sounlove Zamor and her sister By Hartal MSM Israel was one of the first on the ground after the devastating Haiti earthquake in January. She dispatched a 220-personnel emergency rescue-and-response team as well as set up a high-tech field hospital staffed with 40 doctors, 25 nurses and paramedics. Najib Razak sent Haiti … Continue reading

1makwe, ye?

The 1Malaysia sloganeering has taken a life of its own. Every day you see something or other about it in the media. There is of course the fount of the concept, the PM’s website. For some reason, it’s a dotcom and not a gov.my. There is also Yayasan 1Malaysia, a foundation that has on its … Continue reading