10,000 dead sepets

By Eyes Wide Open Now THAT makes a funny cartoon! By Berita Harian’s journalism benchmark. There was a ‘minor’ outcry over Berita Harian’s cartoon of Ultraman running for his life from a deadly tsunami. Malaysians of all creeds and colours were united in condemnation of such an insensitive treatment of the greatest natural tragedy to … Continue reading

Interlok: BTN agenda — for nation-building, konon (1)

Going back to our earlier posting ‘Interlok: Sepet, greedy Cina gemuk & liberal dummkopfs’, it is not only the main Chinese character Cing Huat that is depicted as fat. Author Abdullah Hussain had consistently made almost all the Chinese characters gemuk dan gelojoh (greedy). The Indians are not portrayed in the book as fat, nor are … Continue reading

Interlok: Sepet, greedy Cina gemuk & liberal dummkopfs

Pix: Fat Chinese? Look who’s talking … Our previous posting, Interlok: Chinese immigrants came here to carry shit buckets Excerpts from Interlok‘s description of its Chinese characters. We may have missed some mentions in our collation below as after awhile, the author Abdullah Hussain’s excessive repetition got a bit tedious for us to take note of … Continue reading