Interlok: Sex scene, rape scenes, suicide by hanging

On page 202 in the unabridged version of Interlok, there is the scene showing Kim Lock (father to the main Chinese character Cing Huat) “mengadakan hubungan jenis” with his mistress Mei Hua, a prostitute, after both get high on opium — as is the custom of their loveless sexual union. Cing Huat’s wife later finds … Continue reading

Sex Your Way To Excellence!

Ahh…for all the media bashing we do here at HartalMSM, once in a while something comes along in the MSM that is so incredibly outrageous it defies belief. Take this report from the Star, for example: ——————- Award-winning teacher’s secret – reading and sex By R.S.N.MURALI Monday May 31, 2010 KUALA TERENGGANU: Reading and having … Continue reading