Namewee will have more Facebook fans than Najib by weekend

On Aug 31, we blogged that some 243,700 people like Namewee’s official Facebook page. When we checked yesterday, his Facebook has close to 319,400 fans. That’s an increase of 75,700 fans in a span of just 8 days, or averagely 9,500 (to round up the figure) signing up daily. Anwar Ibrahim’s Facebook has 162,800 fans … Continue reading

1makwe, ye?

The 1Malaysia sloganeering has taken a life of its own. Every day you see something or other about it in the media. There is of course the fount of the concept, the PM’s website. For some reason, it’s a dotcom and not a There is also Yayasan 1Malaysia, a foundation that has on its … Continue reading