Sex Your Way To Excellence!

Ahh…for all the media bashing we do here at HartalMSM, once in a while something comes along in the MSM that is so incredibly outrageous it defies belief. Take this report from the Star, for example: ——————- Award-winning teacher’s secret – reading and sex By R.S.N.MURALI Monday May 31, 2010 KUALA TERENGGANU: Reading and having … Continue reading

‘Star’ bosses have a soft spot for models

We got this bit of trivia from Malaysiakini’s report on The Star annual general meeting of May 24 — “There was then laughter among about 200 shareholders when they were told that a popular model had four stories on her including pictures in one day. According to the shareholder, he cited a staff member telling … Continue reading

BUM2010 – Sparks May Fly!!

By Eyes Wide Open This year’s B.U.M. event is shaping up to be even more interesting than previous years. Last year saw panel larger-than-life speakers such as the inimitable Dr M making a show. This year, we have a number of controversial speakers weighing in their opinions on the state of media in the country. … Continue reading

Remember how journalists jobless in ’87 were left to cope on their own?

By Reina

One of the editors recently said that in the first month, there was a lot of sympathy from friends and opposition politicians and activists. As the months passed, sympathy waned. By the time the third month came, the free food and sympathy was almost nil and the jobless journalists found that their savings were almost depleted.

Twinkle, twinkle Bintang Perkasa

To our post yesterday ‘Star — the paper that needs spectacles’, Zorro replied, ‘Hartal MSM, you mean testicles and not spectacles, yah?’ Yah lor. Star does seem to be missing, err, things, where they count. In the paper’s report on the launch of Perkasa,  Star concluded its article with this sentence: “Perkasa presented the inaugural Bintang … Continue reading

Star — the paper that needs spectacles

The son also rises (1) Chua Tee Yong, son of the newly elected MCA president, is a new appointee to the party’s presidential council. Bernama reported this in its story proper. MCA-owned paper Star did not mention this in its article, although CTY’s name appeared in the tabloid’s graphic chart accompanying the story. The son … Continue reading

Marina, enough hypocrisy already!

Marina made no mention of her father’s ultra-conservative views on free speech and press freedom, or that the current Printing Presses & Publications Act is the result of action taken by her father’s administration in 1987. Now father is backing the bully boys calling for action against The Star and for Guna to be sacked.

4.5% Growth? What About Our 25% Drop In Reserves?

By Eyes Wide Open The government announced a 4.5% economic growth for the last quarter. This is immediately hailed in all the MSM as a recovery for Malaysia due to the success of the government’s pump priming. Really? Consider this analysis published in the Asian Sentinel: ———————— Malaysia’s Disastrous Capital Flight Written by Our Correspondent … Continue reading

The unscrupulous, stupid gossip

By Eyes Wide Open I was browsing through the Star’s news site this morning and came across an article entitled “Ageing Ku Li gives up on UMNO top post”.which reported that Ku Li had given up trying to take the helm of UMNO and is retiring to focus on armchair criticism. But KuLi has taken … Continue reading

Propaganda – similarities between the Nazis & BN

by Eyes Wide Open While doing research on media manipulation and propaganda techniques used by governments to maintain their grip on power, I came across an interesting website by the The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a trasure trove of information about the Nazi atrocities, and they had several articles about how the … Continue reading