Anwar wanna take on Kuan Yew, sure or not?

Yesterday, Keadilan Daily reported Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyer Sankara Nair as announcing that the PKR de facto leader intends to sue several media as well as Dr M for defamation regarding the Wikileaks on his alleged sodomy. Keadilan Daily reported today on Anwar challenging Lee Kuan Yew: “Dia ada bukti (tentang tuduhan terhadap saya)? Saya akan … Continue reading

DAP Perak beans unspilled as yet

DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz parachuted into the party only not too long ago — in August 2008. However, his “plea for sanity over Perak DAP crisis” is astute, and polished writer that he is, Tunku Aziz is possibly the right individual with enough stature to make this all-too-necessary call. He writes mighty fine English … Continue reading