BN can’t even spell right

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Pic courtesy of Bongkersz via Twitter BN couldn’t bring real development into Sarawak, arguably the richest resource state in Malaysia, for over 48 years. Now you know why. And BN Semenanjung turned a blind eye while their partners in Sarawak raped and pillaged the land and its people. [Click on last … Continue reading

Is KL fingering Taib?

By Reina If you thought the control on the mainstream media from the federal government was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. The situation in Sarawak is far worse. Chief Minister Taib Mahmud has many times refused media organisations from Semenanjung to set up bureaus or house their correspondents in the East Malaysian state. He … Continue reading

1Malaysia – in perspective

by Eyes Wide Open As Najib goes on and on about his 1Malaysia vision (no doubt with the million-ringgit help of APCO), there seems to be a disconnect between what is said and portrayed and what is actually happening on the ground. This is where it should become clear as day that PR (meaning Public … Continue reading