Re-analysis of Beng Hock’s alleged suicide note-Pt2

不懂装懂 结果连累了你 – bu dong / zhuang dong / jie guo / lian lei le / ni – don’t understand (or know) / pretend understand (or know) / result / involved / you The true relevance of the phrase bu dong zhuang dong and its meaning in this note is difficult to deduce as it … Continue reading

Re-analysis of Beng Hock’s alleged suicide note-Pt1

by Eyes Wide Open Shar101 was good enough to post a summary of Shuzheng’s analysis of TBH’s supposed suicide note some time ago. However, I felt that Shuzheng’s analysis and translation didn’t take into account some of the the key nuances of the note and because of that the note was even wrongly translated by … Continue reading

A Dr’s view of Dr Pornthip’s CSI

By Eyes Wide Open Thailand’s foremost forensic pathologist, Dr Pornthip’s testimony today seriously puts paid the suicide theory already pre-formulated by the government and MACC and vigorously being sold to the judge and the public. The blatant manipulation of testimony and evidence, and shadowy shenanigans such as the sudden discovery of a dead man’s DNA … Continue reading

What’s Gopala’s DNA doing on TBH’s clothes?

by Eyes Wide Open The Malaysian Insider reports that Dr Seah Lay Hong, a government scientist, concluded that the DNA labelled “Male 1” came from M. Gopala, a road accident victim. This is extremely strange! First of all, aren’t bodies minutely examined for evidence, then all clothing removed and the body washed before being placed … Continue reading

“MACC man contradicts own ‘proof’ of corruption”

By Eyes Wide Open That should have been the headline in the Star’s story today in page N10 on the TBH death inquest. But then, this is Malaysiam MSM, so… “ROW IN THE TOILET” screams the headline in the Star. “MACC man claims Teoh had an argument with Kajang councillor” proclaimed the sub-header breathlessly. Putrid … Continue reading

Lagi-lagi propaganda JMD…

Oleh Eyes Wide Open Blogger Jebat Must Die ni memang celik propaganda. Malangnya, dia bukan menggunakan kepandaiannya untuk membongkar kebenaran di sebalik propaganda. Sebaliknya dia menggunakan propaganda untuk meneruskan penipuan oleh mereka-mereka yang ingin terus mengekalkan kuasa. Dia sebagai penyokong kuat UMNO ingin membela nasib Melayu di bumi Malaysia. Itu saya faham. Niatnya dasarnya baik. … Continue reading

Teoh Beng Hock – independent “CSI” findings

This is an excerpt of Part 8 of Dr Rafick’s analysis. He compares his early analysis with the inquests findings. Many of his analysis are again proven to be correct. And many of the most pertinent QUESTIONS AND ISSUES related to the findings remain unanswered, unexplored and unreported by the MSM.


I wanted to hear what the inquest can offer. In my writing I had theorize that the TBH exited the 14th floor and at the time he left the window he was either already dead or unconscious (emphasis mine-EWO). The time of exit was estimated between 600 am to 700am.

4. Let us now compare what I had written earlier in my CSI series and what the inquest had elucidated so far.

Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 3)

By Eyes Wide Open

By trying to justify MACC’s over-enthusiastic fishing expedition, which may have resulted in TBH’s death, JMD is indirectly indicting TBH of being involved in the yet unproven corruption practices of PR politicians. By implying that TBH decided to suddenly and inexplicably kill himself ON HIS WEDDING DAY is insinuating that he couldn’t care less for his wife, unborn child and family. By attempting to exonerate the MACC of all responsibility while it is clear that TBH died while still within their custody is to deny the dead of justice.

This entire article is akin to spitting on TBH’s grave!

I hope you sleep well at night, JMD.

I really do.

Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 2)

By Eyes Wide Open

How come JMD has so much insider information about the MACC investigation? Since he knows so much, is JMD going to be a material witness to the police? Or is he just passing off 2nd hand information? Or worse – is he fabricating lies to help the powers that be cover up the real case involved?

Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 1)

By Eyes Wide Open

Recently, Jebat Must Die posted a plausible-sounding but utterly improbable theory on his blog that TBH and TBW (Tan Boon Wah) were so pally with the MACC that they REFUSED to go home after released. He/she bases his entire article’s exoneration of the MACC upon these (and a few other) plausible-sounding “facts” and fantasies. While I respect JMD as a writer of talent and a diligent researcher, I cannot help but feel utterly disgusted by this article.

As for me, being a no-bullshit kind of person, I hereby present my shit-shovelling service to the blog-reading world at large. I present JMD’s article in full, with my comments in red.