Interlok rally: ‘Umno rasis’ / ‘Cina tak malu’

Malaysiakini.TV has footage of S. Jayathas’s arrest by police. The HRP information chief was nabbed when he started to chant “Umno rasis, Umno rasis”. You can still see the large bruise on Jayathas’ right arm from his last rough handling by police during the build-up to the rally. The Malaysian public is well aware of … Continue reading

Challenging Teo Nie Ching’s ardent fans

What a waste of a perfectly good chicken… ‘DAP MP gets threat note, bloody chicken’. Reporting that the ‘jihad’ note is believed to be linked to Teo’s mosque controversies, Insider quoted her personal assistant Mohammad Firdaus Babh as saying the CCTV had recorded two young men in the act. [Firdaus] described the men to be … Continue reading

Vote Ng Wei Aik for Miss Selendang beauty queen

The Miss Selendang title is a beauty contest open to Pakatan politicians. When Elizabeth Wong was embroiled in a morality scandal, she took to wearing this (left). When Teo Nie Ching was stared down by the religious authorities, she wore … (see main picture). Hannah Yeoh loves the baju kurung and is often photographed wearing … Continue reading

Is Najib being internally sabotaged?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff Utusan buat hal, Star buat tak tahu. Strip away the politicking and what Utusan is basically saying is that a non-Muslim woman (Teo Nie Ching) cannot wear a tight T-shirt in a parking lot. Perhaps at other parking lots, these ‘Islamic’ moral police may not be complaining — as yet — … Continue reading

Hypocrisy First, DAP Now @ party election

Pix: Photo for illustrative purpose only and meant as parody; the line-up does not refer to any living or past DAP cadres. “Over time, the tone and tenor of the [Pakatan] rhetoric mutated and it is beginning to seem as if some of the politicians feel they are where they entitled to be. Some have … Continue reading

Nah!! Time for the middle finger/ Rome burns, Kit Siang fiddles

By Hartal MSM Did Namewee really stick his middle finger at the Kulaijaya principal Siti Inshah Mansor in his ‘Nah!!’ music video? If you want to know, you have to source YouTube yourself for the clip … ‘cos we ain’t telling. The young rapper has been accused of (criminal) vulgarity and profanity. However, he is … Continue reading

What Utusan really reported on Teo Nie Ching

Pix (from Teo Nie Ching‘s blog): She now wears selendang on her surau visits What did Utusan really say? Its Friday headline screamed that Teo Nie Ching had greatly insulted Muslims. On SUNDAY, Utusan carried this on page 3: Kesucian masjid terus dinodai (Sanctity of mosques continues to be sullied) The above story was also … Continue reading