Cerita hantu: Ghosts in MACC & RTM

By Hartal MSM

MACC moved from Plaza Masalam to Wisma PKPS in March. Imagine that! A whole government agency shifted its headquarters and all its staff after Teoh Beng Hock was plunged from the building.

Beng Hock inquest: Govt must be so pleased with MSM

The mainstream media on March 10 highlighted the government pathologist’s testimony that Teoh Beng Hock was alive when he fell. This implies Teoh was not yet dead in the MACC office. This ultimately implies MACC, an agency of the federal government, is innocent of any wrongdoing. FLASHBACK: Read Kit Siang taking to task Berita Harian … Continue reading

More than tragic …

When it was found that Teoh Beng Hock’s fiancee was pregnant at the time of his death, Utusan via Ridhuan Tee went to town with accusations of zina, low morals, loose living, and other inferiorities of the “ultra kiasu” race. He even went so far as to call TBH’s baby a “bastard”, merely days after TBH’s death. Oh well, you could say that all that is water under the bridge. The fact remains that tragedy is tragedy, and should be reported as tragedy instead of being hyped to politically support or attack anyone.

A Dr’s view of Dr Pornthip’s CSI

By Eyes Wide Open Thailand’s foremost forensic pathologist, Dr Pornthip’s testimony today seriously puts paid the suicide theory already pre-formulated by the government and MACC and vigorously being sold to the judge and the public. The blatant manipulation of testimony and evidence, and shadowy shenanigans such as the sudden discovery of a dead man’s DNA … Continue reading

What’s Gopala’s DNA doing on TBH’s clothes?

by Eyes Wide Open The Malaysian Insider reports that Dr Seah Lay Hong, a government scientist, concluded that the DNA labelled “Male 1” came from M. Gopala, a road accident victim. This is extremely strange! First of all, aren’t bodies minutely examined for evidence, then all clothing removed and the body washed before being placed … Continue reading

“MACC man contradicts own ‘proof’ of corruption”

By Eyes Wide Open That should have been the headline in the Star’s story today in page N10 on the TBH death inquest. But then, this is Malaysiam MSM, so… “ROW IN THE TOILET” screams the headline in the Star. “MACC man claims Teoh had an argument with Kajang councillor” proclaimed the sub-header breathlessly. Putrid … Continue reading

Lagi-lagi propaganda JMD…

Oleh Eyes Wide Open Blogger Jebat Must Die ni memang celik propaganda. Malangnya, dia bukan menggunakan kepandaiannya untuk membongkar kebenaran di sebalik propaganda. Sebaliknya dia menggunakan propaganda untuk meneruskan penipuan oleh mereka-mereka yang ingin terus mengekalkan kuasa. Dia sebagai penyokong kuat UMNO ingin membela nasib Melayu di bumi Malaysia. Itu saya faham. Niatnya dasarnya baik. … Continue reading

The ghost of Beng Hock future

By Helen Ang If Teoh Beng Hock was indeed alive when he was plunged from the 14th floor window, I shudder to imagine the terror that anyone made of flesh and bone should experience those few seconds while floating in midair. Knowing that in an instant, you’re going to hit the ground, and die. On … Continue reading


By Sharifuddin A. Latiff Machiavellian – definition: suggesting the principles of conduct laid down by Machiavelli; specifically : marked by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith. Sooo .. what’s the connection with MACC?