Shafee & TV3 deserve to be slapped!

by Eyes Wide Open A few days ago, TV3 in its coverage of the Teoh Beng Hock RCI gave free reign to Shafee Abdullah the liar lawyer representing the MACC to spew unfounded allegations disparaging Teoh and the DAP. In an clip lasting several minutes, Shafee (who is also one of UMNO’s top legal hounds) … Continue reading

TV3’s ET-meets-Aidil Fitri greeting

TV3 belongs to Media Prima, an Umno-linked behemoth. Yet even it was not immune from police reports. The television station had withdrawn its Raya promo and apologized earlier but despite the apology, Suara Anak Pahang (Suap) went ahead with their police report. Suap insists that since the ad’s bastardization of Raya customs had sullied the … Continue reading

Perkasa makes police report against rubber tree?

We heard a rumour that a certain Perkasa chieftain wearing a very tall songkok was driving in a rubber estate when his headgear went askew and blocked his vision. It seems that he lost control of the SUV he was driving. Bang! To his chagrin, he found his vehicle suddenly up close and personal with … Continue reading