Rottie Ridhuan Tee & Raihan, the Ibrahim Ali female clone

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff Utusan prints lies. The Umno Rottweiller Ridhuan lies when he wrote the “ultra kiasu columnist of the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) repeatedly mentions his [Ridhuan’s] name in her article.” Helen Ang mentions him directly just once, in this sentence: “NEP phase II yields Ketuanan Islam. For its poster boy, Ridhuan … Continue reading

Does Ridhuan Tee endorse Hitler’s genocide?

By Hartal MSM For the benefit of our foreign readership overseas, we’re translating into English the Hitler paragraph written by Ridhuan Tee in his Utusan column on Sunday (June 13). See our posting yesterday, ‘After always attacking the Chinese Jews of Asia, Ridhuan Tee now praises Hitler’ Ridhuan wrote: “Hitler who is said to be … Continue reading

After always attacking the Chinese Jews of Asia, Ridhuan Tee now praises Hitler

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff All our mainstream media are happy enough to bash Israel as that is kosher here but when it comes to stomping on Singapore – surprise, surprise – even Utusan holds back. This is not the first time that the Utusan editor and/or sub-editor had the good sense to restrain Icker-Tee. See … Continue reading

Ridhuan Tee on the Jews of Malaysia

His Utusan column of May 16. Ridhuan Tee: Pecah, pecah, pecah…sampai bilakah kita akan terus berpecah. Perpecahan umat Melayu Islam sudah sampai ke akar umbi. Hartal MSM: Note his use of ‘kita’, ‘kita’, ‘kita’ thoughout his many articles – us. He is not ‘us’ with the race he was born into but ‘us’ with his … Continue reading

Ridhuan Tee on Al-Islam case: ‘Church ultra kiasu too’

I do not see the need to apologize to those who have hidden intentions toward us for being tolerant.

“Why must we yield to their threats? It is already enough with our failure to defend the use of the name of Allah. The church should not act as what the Malay proverb said like the creeper plant that climbed the trellis (seperti kaduk naik junjung). They do not differ from the ultra kiasu group which only wants to win.

More antics of Mr Tee

by Eyes Wide Open (The B.Malaysia version of this post can be read here) Mr Tee’s latest article in Mingguan Malaysia entitled “Bahaya musang berbulu ayam” once again showed up his petty character and small mindedness. In it, he blasts any and every argument against him as words coming from the “ultra kiasu” race – … Continue reading